When Asking who is EXTRAORDINARY $AM or what he does is a hard question when its not easy putting him in a box. His creativity has no limits,no boundaries rathers its rapping,beat making or graphic design,chances are he has done it but to know where he is you must understand how he got there































From Chicago Illinois the seeds of music were planted young growing up the youngest child in his household he was always influenced by different type of music. Rather it His older cousins who introduced him to 50 Cent or his Grandparents who played alot of Old school Blues/R&B.As a Kid he grew close to video games and superheroes movies this expanded his ear further introducing him to rock bands like Linkin Park,Three Days Grace and more.$AM first signs of creativity started in elementary school were instead of doing class work he would write dozens of short stories and at home he wrote raps,after receiving a MP3 player he notice he could record and from there begin the first time his actually recorded raps,freestyling to Akon and Beyonce instrumentals since the choices were limited. As the years went on so do his love for hip-hop and a young age he was bumping the GOATs, Kanye west,Eminem Lil wayne ,Slaughterhouse DMX,50 cent & Many More.But during his early teenage years he had dreams of becoming a game developer/video game journalist he created his own website and would review games afterschool and upload  gameplay videos, but things begin to change his 8th Grade year in 2012 Chicago rapper


Chief Keef Blew Up and opened a door for chicago this sparked $AM’s interest into rap again and around the same time he was introduced to Hopsin who he was immediately inspired by his independent grind and his freshman kicked off a new chapter for him.Under a school nick name he was given “Sosa” he recorded hundreds of raps but by his junior year he became depressed with making music and lost hope,before completely stop rapping he traded the last of his studio equipment for a MIDI keyboard and did not make music for a whole year. By late 2015 he started a new path as an entrepreneur and sound designer creating sounds and custom kits but still no hope in music. And BOOM! like that it was senior year he had no ideas no plans for the future and had lost all hope in Music Or a career in video games, while other kids spent highschool playing sports and getting good grades for colleges he spent all his time making music and had nothing to show for it. Things wasn't going right for the young finesser but slowly he begin to hear a new wave of a hip hop going around his school,people playing famous dex and that caught his attention and when a homie of his said




“check it out sam god” and played lil uzi vert “Super Saiyan trunks” the energy of these rappers brought a new light outta him and he  later went home and started working on a new producer name.Under this new name it would highlight his ups and downs it would combined his love for hip hop and comics and video games and most importantly it would be him and he came up with the name “EXTRAORDINARY $AM” and vowed no matter hard it would gett he would never give up on his music agian.and within days he started making beats and building a fan base selling beats worldwide from London To Canada to Russia his sound was planted threw out The US( Down South Hip Hop) (East Coast Hip-Hop) (Chicago Drill). Rather it was his Beats,Sound kit or His Infamous Finesse Tactics he stayed true to his word and has continued to create more beats expanding his talents with Graphic Designs and More and launched his site ExtraordinaryBeats.com there a long journey ahead for extraordinary $am who knows where it would take him but wherever it does its always Finesse Forever.