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EXTRAORDIANRY $AM & The World He Created With $20 TypeBeats!

Fresh Off The drop of his new beat mixtape "Sorry 4 The Finesse 2" EXTRAORDIANRY $AM has had a recent release of physical drops based around the world he has created with his beats rather its the 808s & codeine volume 5 limited CD or the New Sorry 4 the finesse Merch

$AM has turnt his basic business plan of leasing $20 beats into a world where fans can immerse with his instrumentals, by listening to concept albums or buying a beat and creating something of their own. But it didn't always start off that way. Way Back in 2016 when he first started selling beats the goal was to only make money, Projects like the early 808s & codeine and "Sam God" would be the steeping stones for further projects.

In 2017 Putting the whole CFMG on his back he step up not only selling beats but marketing his producer catalog as if he was a artist. Giving rappers the opportunities to stream his beats, and even buy limited edition copies .

2020 Saw The Creative World Of Extraordinary $AM Expand With His First Ever Conceptual Instrumental Projects "Anti Social" The Misadventures Yet Again Giving Rappers a World Bending Experience For Only $20! An exciting story opening the world of $AM voiced by different actors with the story & script being written by $AM himself. 2021 is no different Multiple Creative Projects Set Such as The EXTROARIDNARY $AM Official Comic Book + Short Animation Film Continuing the story of Anti Social, & And the original Soundtrack set to release besides it

Stream Anti Social lnk.to/ntwCImf6

Stream Anti Social (Deluxe) lnk.to/yLLszEci

Stream Sorry 4 The Finesse 2 lnk.to/aIVbNIcA

Buy 808s & Codeine Volume 5 CD https://www.campfinesse.com/808s-codeine-vol-5

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