• Camp Finesse


Infamous Chicago Beat-maker $AM GOD has returned with yet another Rap Mixtape. And its borderline Nerdcore here are the top 5 superhero references

5. Dr Fate in "Today Was A Finesse Day"

"Today's one of them days wake up and get this cake gold round my neck like i was dr fate"

4. Bruce Wayne in Warm it up remix

"I took a 12 hour nap i went to sleep on these niggas 010 Le-bronze James i bring the heat to these niggas we in that all black batman no Bruce Wayne"

3. Barry Allen in Warm it up remix

" im feeling like a super villain must be insane point to the money im barry Allen you Usain"

2. Batman in Non-Stop Remix

"Ballin Flexin on these niggas i anit never stressing run up that check and get to flexin like this shit was wrestling dip on yo bitch on a dark night and i anit talking batman"

1. Harvey Dent in Non Stop Remix

"Listen Im a young jefe make money my way Harvey dent ass niggas we should call em two face"

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